Royal Family of Artemis Edit

Lord of the Hunt Belen Quarter (Deceased)

Lord of the Hunt Byleistr Quarter

Queen Mother Greta Valkyrie

Princess Bella Quarter

The daughter of Greta Valkerie. She is a small woman who takes after her father, Belen. She is rarely seen in the open, and when she is, she is always dressed in the best finery of the ancients.

Blessed of Artemis Edit

High Priestess Diana Engeen

Leader of the blessed faction of Artemis who control the East. She is a brilliant priestess who communes directly with Artemis.

Notable Citizens of Artemis Edit

Alabaster Coin

The head of the Coin gambling house.

Exiled Edit


Druid and Chief of the Changeling Exiled Tribe. It is said that he worships the dead and daemons, who have gifted him with terrible powers. He steals the children of Artemis and other Exiled tribes to bolster his numbers and raise them as part of his tribe.