Ancients - The first humans who came to Anesidora. They wielded powerful magic and the titans were at their command. All of humanity is descended from them. It is not known what led to the Fall, but it left mankind scattered.

Anesidora - The Goddess of the planet itself and the "Giver of Gifts"

Angels - Undead beings that stand over 40 feet tall (Not including their wings) and rain down unholy death.

Ascended - Intelligent Undead who brought Magic back to the people of Anesidora at the price of human sacrifice.

Chione - The spirit of the Winter.

Daemons - Rumored supernatural creatures who trade in terrible secrets and Black Magic.

Gods - The giant beings who fell from the sky a millennia ago. Their thick skin is made from God Stone.

Muses - Undead servants of Mnemosyne who do her biding in the world of men and record man's exploits and history.

Undead - Terrible and difficult to predict metal creatures with no life. If not completely destroyed, they are capable of recovering all damage in a matter of minutes. Interacting with them, even after they have been destroyed, is consider Necromancy.

Titans - God-like begins the size of small continents. They control the very elements that make up Anesidora.

Vanir - Beings that existed before all recorded history. Little is known about them, but it is believed they were all destroyed in the Fall or before it.