Anesidora is made up 6 major Continents:

Alfenheim - A strange magical place across the ocean to the East of Lelantos.

Lelantos - An isolated continent and the origin point of "By the Light of Artemis." It is the home of Artemis and Osiris. Half of the continent is taken up by the body of Lelantos, separating the North from the Nile Delta.

Midgard - Even further East than Alfenheim, bordering Olympus. It is the home of Odin and the Jotunn.

Nile Delta - To the South of Lelantos. It is the home of Amun-Ra and a place of great wealth and food, but at the cost of servitude to the Cult of Ra.

Olympus - Across the ocean to the West. It is the home of Zeus and Mt Olympus.

Yomi - A cursed place of the dead, South of Alfenheim.